Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ron Paul, RuPaul

Ron Paul


Ne la sama ulo (aŭ ulino).

Tiu ĉi Ne-la-Sama-Ulo raporto venis el Ne-la-Sama-Ulo Korp.

Ron Paŭl estas Usona prezident-kandidato.
RuPaŭl estas Usona transvestulo.
Dio, benu Usono!

Not the same dude (or dudette).

This Not-the-Same-Dude report is brought to you by Not-the-Same-Dude incorporated.
Ron Paul is a US Presidential candidate. RuPaul is a US drag queen.
God bless America!

Michael Martin from Ireland recommends that one read 'Why the establishment hates Ron Paul'.
There is also a good article over at Culture Jam for life about Ron Paul's interview on "The View".
Official Ron Paul web site.

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Michael Martin said...

Boy oh boy, somebody doesn't seem to like Ron Paul!

Read "Why does the establishment hate Ron Paul?" at .
Ron Paul's record in Congress is unblemished.

nissa_loves_cats said...

I LOVE Ron Paul! If he gets the Republican nomination I'll vote for him.

This post is a *joke*.