Monday, December 24, 2012

Universalglot: 1868 International Language

Universalglot is an international auxiliary language published by French linguist Jean Pirro in 1868--- predating both Volapük and Esperanto. Pirro gave the language 7000 basic words and numerous prefixes allowing a considerable vocabulary.

Pirro's book is now no longer in print and is not, the last time I checked, available online. There is only a web page (in Universalglot?) called Le glot universal which describes the language at:

This is a pity since the language is easily comprehensible to those familiar with the major European languages.

Here is a 'konversatsion' in Universalglot, from the Wikipedia article on Universalglot:

Ben dai, Meni senior, i ese inkanted reinkontra evos, i habe vide evos in London, e ditdai nos finde enos in Skotland, dikt me ex ke land vos ese.

Un ex enos ese ruser e du ese italier e el quatli ese deutsch; ma nos pote toti parlen insamel, den nos parle el universal glot.

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