Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Universalglot Dictionary, Page 1

VerbBibel UniversalglotEnglishGerman Page001


Abat = Abbot | Abt
Abatstan = Abbey | Abtei
Abbasen = To abase, lower | Niederschlagen, sinken
Abbasten = To pull down, to beat down | Abschlagen, niederreissen
Abbasthaus = Slaughterhouse | Schlachthaus
Abbilden = To figure, represent | Abbilden
Abdikten, abdikaten = To abdicate | Eine Würde, ein Amt niederlegen
Abdukten = To carry away, refuse | Wegführen, abweisen
Abend = Evening, west | Abend
Abendeten = To sup | Abendessen
El abendeten = Supper |Das Abendessen
Abesant = Absent | Abwesend
Abesanten = To absent | Sich wegbegeben
Abesantnes = Absence |Abwesenheit
Abfal = Falling off, fall, defection, loss, clippings |Abfall
Abfalen = To decay, abandon, fall | Abfallen
Abfiren = To fire off, discharge a firearm |Abfeuern
Abflus = Running down | Abfluss
Abgraden = To descend | Heruntergehen


Hermann said...

Marvellous! However, this will be a tedious long-term effort.
Do you have a link to a German version of Pirro's book?

nissa_loves_cats said...

No, I don't think it's available online although I have heard that some people still possess copies.

I had tried to put the Universalglot dictionary into a database but that was just too difficult for me, working alone. If there were online databases that a number of people could work on, that could generate text documents, that would be ideal.

Hermann said...

Strange, I did NOT send any comment today (24 August 2013) but I vaguely remember having done so some months ago.


nissa_loves_cats said...

There were two versions of your comment for some reason, I posted the more recent of the two.